Just a child…

She was just a child. Didn’t know exactly how life was. Struggling to find herself and know right from wrong. No dad to come protect her from her demons or warn her to be strong because those demons stay scheming. Never realise her mum did three jobs, being her daddy and getting money to keep them from harm. She never communicated with her mum well. I guess that’s why she kept getting into trouble.

She didn’t listen, thought she had it under control but she didn’t. Fought to be excepted but they had shields and pushed back like a one person riot but a crowd of police men. 

Her mum wouldn’t even let her move school. She thought the place was so prestige, but if only she knew. Only God knows how the girl feels inside. Watches her cry and sees the pain in her eyes.

Hating herself for letting it get that bad.

Can she fix it? They say fix what’s broke and she was broken. Guess she didn’t know being herself might have made a difference.